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Label Extraction

Label Extraction

User Interface
Input Segmentation to be computed
Output segmentaiton with the single label extracted

General Information

Module Type & Category

Type: Extension

Category: CBCT Scan Registration pre steps (label maps processing)

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

Author: Vinicius Boen

Contributors: Francois Budin (NIRAL, University of North Carolina), Martin Styner (NIRAL, University Of North Carolina), Beatriz Paniagua (NIRAL, University Of North Carolina), Lucia Cevidanes (University of Michigan - School of Dentistry)


Module Description

  • Interface Description:
    • Input Volume [--inputVolume] : Input Segmentation to be computed.
    • label [--labelNumber] : Single label to be extracted from segmentation input.
    • outputVolume [--outputVolume] : Output segmentaiton with single label extracted.

User Interface