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Cancer Care Ontario SparKit SparKit

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Authors: Csaba Pinter (PerkLab, Queen's University), Kevin Alexander (KGH, Queen's University), Alec Robinson (PerkLab, Queen's University)
Contributors: John Schreiner (Kingston General Hospital)

  • Csaba Pinter, <email></email>
  • Kevin Alexander, <email></email>
  • How to report an error

License: Slicer license
Download/install: install 3D Slicer, start 3D Slicer, open the Extension Manager, install SlicerRT extension, restart, install the FilmDosimetry extension

Extension Description

FilmDosimetry Logo 128x128.png
  • Film dosimetry analysis is a 2D dosimetry tool used in commissioning new radiation techniques and to validate the accuracy of radiation treatment by enabling visual comparison of the planned dose to the delivered dose.
  • The extension depends on the SlicerRT general radiation therapy extension

Use Cases

Film dosimetry analysis workflow:

  1. TODO
Film dosimetry data flow diagram

Film dosimetry screenshot (gamma step)
Pdd aligment curve screenshot

Calibration curve screenshot


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Similar Extensions


  • Alexander et. al, IC3DDose 2016 (TODO: exact reference needed)
    • Please cite this when you refer to Film Dosimetry in your publication
  • Pinter, C., et al. "Performing radiation therapy research using the open-source SlicerRT toolkit." World Congress for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, 2015
  • C. Pinter, A. Lasso, A. Wang, D. Jaffray and G. Fichtinger, "SlicerRT – Radiation therapy research toolkit for 3D Slicer", Med. Phys., 39(10) pp. 6332-6338, 2012
    • Please cite the following paper when referring to SlicerRT in your publication

Information for Developers

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