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Apply Matrix

Apply Matrix

User Interface

General Information

Module Type & Category

Type: Extension

Category: Volume Applying Registration matrix

Authors, Collaborators & Contact

Author: Vinicius Boen

Contributors: Francois Budin (NIRAL, University of North Carolina), Martin Styner (NIRAL, University Of North Carolina), Beatriz Paniagua (NIRAL, University Of North Carolina), Lucia Cevidanes (University of Michigan - School of Dentistry)


Module Description

  • Input Volumes and Matrix:
    • Input Volume [index 0] : Volume (scan or seg) which the registration matrix will be applied to.
    • Check it if the input Volume is a segmentation [--isSeg] : Check box which must be selected if the input Volume is a segmentation.
    • Registration Matrix [-f --transformationFile] : DOF file with the coordinate matrix which will be applied to the Input Volume.
    • Reference Volume (To set Output Parameters) [-R --Reference] : Resampled Output Volume
  • Output Volume:
    • Output Volume [index: 1] : Resampled Output Volume modified by the registration matrix