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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Alexis Girault
Contributors: Francois Budin (NIRAL, University of North Carolina), Beatriz Panaigua (NIRAL, University of North Carolina), Martin Styner (NIRAL, University of North Carolina), Laura Pascal (DCBIA-OrthoLab, UofM)
Contact: Alexis Girault, <email></email>
License: Apache License, Version 2.0

Extension Description

  • ShapePopulationViewer is an external tool that allows you to dynamically interact with multiple surfaces at the same time. It is very useful for visualisation and comparison of 3D surfaces by also displaying their scalars or vectors attributes (point data) and allowing the user to simply modify the colormap.
  • You can launch ShapePopulationViewer without any input informations by directly clicking "Apply" in the Slicer CLI Module, or include Input/Configuration parameters :
ShapePopulationViewer - Slicer CLI Module
  • Parameters:
    • vtkFiles [--vtkFiles] [-v]: VTK Input Files
    • vtkDirectory [--directory] [-d]: Input Folder containing VTK files
    • CSVFile [--csv] : CSV Input File containing VTK files path
    • cameraConfig [--camera] [-c]: PVCC Camera Configuration File
    • colormapConfig [--gradient] [-g]: SPVCM Colormap Configuration File

Use Cases

Using display & view tools
File information
Attributes information
Colormap customization tool
Colormap applied on the Mapper
Vectors configuration tool
Vectors glyphs displayed on surface
Colormap by direction of a right condyle
Window for customize the color map by direction


Information for Developers