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|[[Image:PorousScaffolds.png|thumb|360px|scaffold of cube-shaped pores]]
|[[Image:PorousScaffolds_3.png|thumb|320px|original model]]
|[[Image:PorousScaffolds_2.png|thumb|360px|scaffold of tetrahedron-shaped pores]]
|[[Image:PorousScaffolds.png|thumb|320px|scaffold of cube-shaped pores]]
|[[Image:PorousScaffolds_2.png|thumb|320px|scaffold of tetrahedron-shaped pores]]

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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Extension: Porous Scaffolds


This project is partially supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.51005156 and 81171429).

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Author: Fenghe Tang, Xiaojun Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Contact1: Xiaojun Chen, <email>xiaojunchen@163.com</email>
Contact2: Fenghe Tang, <email>miketfh@sjtu.edu.cn</email>

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Module Description

Porous Scaffolds is a Slicer Loadable module to generate pourous scaffold model based on the shape of a chosen model(.stl format).

Use Cases

Screen shot
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original model
scaffold of cube-shaped pores
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scaffold of tetrahedron-shaped pores


  • Panels:
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Module UI
  • 1. MRMLViewTree: To hide/display/delete/rename a model node.
  • 2. "Select a Model" combo box: Select a model to generate a porous scaffold.
  • 3. "Select pores shape" combo box: Select the shape of pores. "Cube" and "Tetrahedron" are available.
  • 4. "Pores size" slider: Drag to adjust the pore size.
  • 5. "OK" button: Start generating the porous scaffold model.
    • It will create a NEW model instead of modifying the original one.
  • 6. "Cancel" button: Cancel your operation.
  • 7. Processing bar.

  • Before you use this module, please copy the folder "pores" in this module source to your Slicer.exe root path.
  • If you try to use a model too complcated or too large in this module, it may cause crash of Slicer. It is an existing problem.



Information for Developers

For technical questions or problems, please use contacts in the introduction.