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Introduction and Acknowledgements

This work is supported by NA-MIC, NCIGT, and the Slicer Community.
Author: Vivek Narayan, Jayender Jagadeesan
Contact: Jayender Jagadeesan <email></email>


This project is supported by...

Module Description

The OpenCAD is designed to segment tumors from DCE-MRI datasets which include 1 pre-contrast image and 2-4 post-contrast images at different time points. OpenCAD uses blackbox methods to calculate the wash-in and wash-out slopes of the contrast dye based on voxel intensity values. The segmentation output is a Label Map with red, yellow, and blue colors respectively identifying washout, plateau, and persistent voxels.


OpenCAD Tutorial (pptx)

Data sets

Breast DCE-MRI Data Set 1 (zip file containing the nrrd volumes for the OpenCAD tutorial)

Breast DCE-MRI Data Set 2 (zip file containing additional test set of nrrd volumes)

Liver DCE-MRI Data Set 1 (zip file containing additional test set of nrrd volumes)

Panels and their use

The GUI of the OpenCAD module contains 5 sections:

  • Select DCE-MRI Volumes for Segmentation
    • Pre-contrast Volume:
    • First Post-contrast Volume:
    • Second Post-contrast Volume:
    • Third Post-contrast Volume:
    • Fourth Post-contrast Volume:
    • Use Label Map as ROI:
  • Select or Create Output OpenCAD Label Map
    • Output OpenCAD Label Map:
    • Legend | |:
    • Display Volume Rendering:
    • Calculate OpenCAD Label statistics:
  • Set Advanced Segmentation Parameters
    • Minimum Threshold of Increase:
    • Type I (Persistent) Curve Minimum Slope:
    • Type 3 (Washout) Curve Maximum Slope:
  • OpenCAD Label Statistics
    • Statistics Table:
    • Chart Statistics:
      • Menu Items: Volume, Curve Type, Voxel Count, Volume mm^3, Volume cc, Minimum Intensity, Maximum Intensity, Mean Intensity, Standard Deviation
      • Ignore Zero label:
  • Interactive Charting Settings
    • Enable/Disable Interactive Charting:

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Information for Developers

Source code: