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Module Description

HN Segmenter module is a 3D Slicer module intended to provide segmentations to a given CT head and neck image. It provides a user interface to connect with Docker and obtain 6 organs-at-risk (OARa) segmentations. It constitutes a part of a project designed to accelerate the treatment planning in Radiotherapy.

Setup Guide

In order to use HN Segmenter, Docker is required to be installed and configured properly.

Panels and their use

File:Panels buttons of HN Segmenter module.png
Panels buttons of HN Segmenter module

Deployed model

The dataset used to test and evaluate the performance of the module is composed by a set of CT scans obtained from the Structure Segmentation for Radiotherapy Planning Challenge 2019, a competition of MICCAI 2019 Challenge. Find here the link.

Relevant Links

Slicer HN-Segmenter Module Source Code