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== Module Description ==
HN Segmenter module is a 3D Slicer module intended to provide segmentations to a given CT head and neck image. It provides a user interface to connect with Docker and obtain 6 organs-at-risk (OARa) segmentations.
It constitutes a part of a project designed to accelerate the treatment planning in Radiotherapy.
== Setup Guide ==
In order to use HN Segmenter, [https://www.docker.com Docker] is required to be installed and configured properly.
== Panels and their use ==
[[File:Panels buttons of HN Segmenter module.png|thumb|Panels buttons of HN Segmenter module]]
== Deployed model ==
The dataset used to test and evaluate the performance of the module is composed by a set of CT scans obtained from the Structure Segmentation for Radiotherapy Planning Challenge 2019, a competition of MICCAI 2019 Challenge. Find [https://structseg2019.grand-challenge.org/Home/ here] the link.
== Relevant Links ==
[https://github.com/inesmunozz/Slicer-HN_Segmenter/tree/master Slicer HN-Segmenter Module Source Code]

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