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[http://www.codelite.org CodeLite] is a relatively lightweight, cross-platform IDE
[http://www.codelite.org CodeLite] is a relatively lightweight, cross-platform IDE

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For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the read-the-docs.

CodeLite is a relatively lightweight, cross-platform IDE

Configure build

Right-click on project name and select Settings, then Customize

  • Enable Custom Build: check
  • Working Directory: Enter path to Slicer-build, for example /cmn/git/Slicer4-sb/Slicer-build
  • For target "Build": Enter "make"

To configure the binary for the Run command, set Program=Slicer-build/Slicer under the General tab.

Configure debugger

This requires the use of a wrapper script, as detailed here

After setting up the wrapper script ("WrapSlicer4" below), change the following options:

alt text

Under Settings->General:

  • Program = /cmn/git/Slicer4-sb/Slicer-build/WrapSlicer4
  • Working folder = /cmn/git/Slicer4-sb/Slicer-build

alt text

Under Settings->Debugger

  • "Enter here any commands passed to debugger on startup:"
set exec-wrapper /cmn/git/Slicer4-sb/Slicer-build/WrapSlicer
exec-file /cmn/git/Slicer4-sb/Slicer-build/bin/SlicerQT-real