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QtTesting provides us a testing framework to test our application. It complements unit tests, by testing the application in its globality.

Following is a step by step guide to create slicer unit test, or module unit test, using this framework, which can be run as part of a nightly build automatic testing.

Write a 3DSlicer UnitTest with QtTesting

1/ Create your XML script

See QtTesting user Wiki to know how to create this xml script.
Save the xml script to Slicer4/Application/SlicerApp/Testing/QtTesting/Slicer4.X.X_tutorial_MY_TUTORIAL_NAME.xml

2/ Create a Python script

This Python test will start 3DSlicer and run the previously recorded xml script

Create a file with the following code

   import slicer
   import slicer.testing
   import slicer.util
   filepath = os.environ['SLICER_HOME'] + 'path/to/your/script.xml'
   testUtility =
   success = testUtility.playTests(filepath)
   if success :

Save to the directory ${Slicer_SOURCE_DIR}/Applications/SlicerApp/Testing/Python/

3/ Add the test in CMake

Adding the test in CMake will alloq the test to be run with CTest and will also be run by the dashboard machines every nights.

Edit the file Slicer4/Applications/SlicerApp/Testing/Python/CMakeLists.txt
Add your test at the end of the Slicer_USE_QTTESTING condition:

       SLICER_ARGS --launcher-no-splash --qt-testing)

You just wrote a Slicer Unit Test using QtTesting framework !

Create custom translator/player

QTTesting provides us basic translator and player template.
You can use the following command to create those basic files.

Linux Mac Windows

You need to open a terminal and go to the Slicer4 source directory.
Then type in the terminal:

$ cd path/to/Slicer4-Superbuild/CTK-build/QtTesting/Utilities/Scripts

You need to open a terminal and go to the Slicer4 source directory.
Start -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt
Then type in the terminal:

$ cd path\to\Slicer4-Superbuild
$ python-build\PCBuild\python.exe CTK-build\QtTesting\Utilities\Scripts\ MY_WIDGET_NAME

Open bugs

Work in progress, following the two bug trackers :

Slicer issues

QtTesting issues