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Id Category Name Caption
1 Slicer SlicerWithVolumeRendering.png Slicer4 with Volume Rendering enabled
2 Slicer SlicerWithDTI.png Slicer4 with a Diffusion Tensor Volume loaded
3 Slicer SlicerQT-2009-12-10.png Slicer with Qt only
4 Slicer SlicerWithTransformModule.png Slicer with KWWidgets + Qt
5 Slicer Screenshot-Qt Designer.png Qt Designer to design modules
6 Modules QSlicerVolumeRenderingModule.png Volume Rendering Module
7 Modules QSlicerSampleDataModule.png Sample Data Module
8 Modules QSlicerEndoscopyModule.png Endoscopy Module
9 Modules QSlicerSceneViewsModule.png SceneViews Module
10 Modules QSlicerEditorModule.png Editor Module
11 Modules QSlicerModelsModule.png Models Module
12 Modules QSlicerColorModuleWidget.png Color Module
13 Modules QSlicerVolumesModule.png Volumes Module
14 Modules QSlicerDiffusionTensorVolumeDisplayWidget.png Volumes Module (DTI volume)
15 Modules QSlicerSliceControllersModule.png Slice Controllers Module
16 Modules QSlicerDataModule.png Data Module
17 Modules QSlicerROIModule.png ROI Module
18 Modules qSlicerTractographyModule.png Tractography Module
19 Modules QCLIModule-LinearRegistration.png Linear Registration Module (CLI)
20 Modules QSlicerWelcomeModule.png Welcome Module
21 Modules qSlicerCamerasModule.png Cameras Module
22 Modules QSlicerTransformsModuleUI.png Transforms Module
23 Dialogs QSlicerExtensionsWizard.png Extensions Management dialog
24 Dialogs QSlicerSettingsDialog.png Application settings dialog
25 Dialogs QMRMLColorPickerDialog.png Color picker dialog
26 Dialogs QSlicerActionsDialog.png Shortcuts dialog
27 Dialogs QSlicerVolumesIODialog.png Standard File Dialog (using Volumes reader)
28 Dialogs QSlicerOverlayIODialog.png Standard File Dialog (using Scalar Overlay reader)
29 Dialogs QSlicerStandardFileDialog.png Standard File Dialog
30 Dialogs QSlicerDataDialog.png Add Data Dialog
31 Dialogs QSlicerSaveDataDialog.png Save Data Dialog