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Install a fortran compiler with the package manager, like gfortran.


- Install Miniconda - See

 ./ -p /Volumes/D/Support/miniconda3/
 Do you wish the installer to prepend the Miniconda3 install location
 Answered NO

- To activate of base env.

 source /Volumes/D/Support/miniconda3/bin/activate

- Add conda-forge

 conda config --add channels conda-forge

-Then create gfortran-env and install gfortran

 conda create -n gfortran-env
 conda activate gfortran-env
 conda install gfortran_osx-64

Before packaging, we have to fix the installed gfortran libraries with the following script:

The script substitutes @rpath with the needed full paths. Requires atool and install_name_tool.


- Install Miniconda - See

- Install Flang, a fortran compiler targeting llvm: scikit-ci-addons