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What happen to the existing Slicer GitHub repository ?

Between 2011 and March 2020, Slicer sources were maintained in a SVN repository automatically mirrored on GitHub. To speedup time required to checkout Slicer source code, large data files have been removed from the Slicer commit history.

To ensure existing references to both Git SHA and Pull Requests are reachable, the mirrored GitHub repository has been renamed to

Where are the data files removed from the filtered history ?

Before filtering the history, we made sure all large data files were effectively removed from the latest version and downloaded using either ExternalData CMake module or SampleData Slicer module.

For older version, each commit introducing large files has been updated by removing the large files and updating the file GIT_MIGRATION_DATA_REMOVED.txt by listing the corresponding SHA256 and file paths.

Corresponding files have been uploaded as release assets named <filename>_<sha256>. See

What is the SlicerGitSVNArchive repository ?

This corresponds to the original GitHub repository that was a mirror of the Slicer SVN authoritative repository. The former Slicer/Slicer repository was renamed into Slicer/SlicerGitSVNArchive

What happen to the SVN repository ?

Until September 2020, SVN server hosting the Dart, NAMICSandBox, Slicer3, Slicer3-lib-mirrors and Slicer4 repositories will remain available.

The web server will be converted into a static html website.

What happen to the Mantis issue tracker ?

Mantis issue tracker has been retired and new issues should be created here:

For every mantis issues, a GitHub issue has been created with a link to the retired mantis tracker.

To support this, the following redirections have been established:

Slicer4 project has been disabled in Mantis. This means that no issues will be visible on the main page and that user will not be able to create issues in mantis.

How to update the forked origin of your online Slicer fork ?

Following the rename of Slicer to SlicerGitSVNArchive, existing GitHub fork are referencing the "incorrect" repository:


To address this, you may delete your fork and re-fork

If there are branches published on your fork that you would like to keep, first consider cloning your Slicer fork locally so that you could rebase and re-publish them.

How to update existing Slicer custom application ?

To ensure Slicer sources can be checked out using the provided Git SHA, in CMakeLists.txt file, replace lines like: