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What happen to the existing Slicer GitHub repository ?

Between 2011 and March 2020, Slicer sources were maintained in a SVN repository automatically mirrored on GitHub. To speedup time required to checkout Slicer source code, large data files have been removed from the Slicer commit history.

To ensure existing references to both Git SHA and Pull Requests are reachable, the mirrored GitHub repository has been renamed to

What is SlicerGitSVNArchive repository ?

This corresponds to the original GitHub repository that was a mirror of the Slicer SVN authoritative repository. The former was renamed into

What happen to SVN repository ?

Until September 2020, SVN server hosting the Dart, NAMICSandBox, Slicer3, Slicer3-lib-mirrors and Slicer4 will remain available.

The web server will be converted into a static html website.

What happen to Slicer mantis issue tracker ?


How to update existing Slicer checkout ?