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Extension description file

An extension description file is a text file with s4ext extension allowing to specify metadata associated with an extension.

  • A metadata is specified using a keyword followed by at least one spaces and the associated value.
  • Multiline value are not supported.
  • Empty line are ignored
  • Line starting with a # will be considered as comment.

This file is generated by the build system in the extension build tree. It can also be generated by the [Documentation/Nightly/Developers/ExtensionWizard ExtensionWizard] using the extension metadata reported in the extension CMakeLists.txt

The following code block illustrates how comments, metadata and associated value can be specified:

# This is a comment
metadataname This is the value associated with 'metadataname'

# This is an other comment
anothermetadata This is the value associated with 'anothermetadata'

Supported metadata

Name Description Mandatory
scm Source code management system: git or svn Yes check.png
scmurl Read-only url used to checkout the extension source code Yes check.png
svnusername Allow to specify username associated with svn checkout
svnpassword Allow to specify password associated with svn checkout
scmrevision Revision allowing to checkout the expected source code Yes check.png
depends List of extensions required to build this extension. Specify "NA" if there are no dependency.
build_subdirectory Name of the inner build directory in case of superbuild based extension. Default to .
homepage Url of the web page describing the extension. See note [1] reported below. Yes check.png
contributors Extension contributor specified as
Firstname1 Lastname1 ([SubOrg1, ]Org1), Firstname2 Lastname2 ([SubOrg2, ]Org2)
category Extension category Yes check.png
iconurl Url to an icon (png, size 128x128 pixels). See note [1] reported below.
description One line describing what is the purpose of the extension
screenshoturls Space separated list of urls to images. See note [1] reported below.
enabled 1 or 0 - Specify if the extension should be enabled after its installation. Default is 1

[1] Parameter like &foo=bar are not supported. Use an url shortener.

Partially supported metadata

Name Description
status Give people an idea what to expect from this code