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Each time a task associated to the wiki, repository or bug tracker is automated by the execution of a script on a machine, the machine user running such script will be identified as SlicerBot.

Type of SlicerBot


This SlicerBot user publishes update on the Slicer wiki. The associated wiki account is UpdateBot


This SlicerBot user can commit changes to a defined subset of Slicer repositories. The associated github account is slicerbot and it can commit changes to all repositories associated with the slicerbot-team in Slicer github organization.

As documented on managing deploy keys Github guide, there are multiple approaches to grant a machine access to a repository. We chose the machine user one.

In a nutshell, the steps to configure a git machine user are:

  • Generate SSK keys without pass-phrase:
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""
  • Add the generated key to the list of SSH keys associated with slicerbot user. Each key *SHOULD* be named slicerbot-<hostname>. For example slicerbot-factory-south-ubuntu
  • Setup git username and email:
git config --global "Slicer Bot"
git config --global ""

SVN2GitHub synchronization




These bots can upload packages on


The group with "write" permission on the NA-MIC/Public/Slicer/Packages/Applications/ folder is Slicer App Packages Uploader

Bots currently associated with this group are:

Organization of packages listed on is specified on


Extensions are organized in three different folders:

Currently, any user associated with the Experimental Uploader group as "write" permission to these folders.

In additional to users who requested to be added to the Experimental Uploaded group, the following bots are included:

Note: The concept of channels is being discussed (See #2334). By default, only extension associated with the "official" would be listed in the extensions manager. User will have the option to select other channels.


As of 2014-12-23, the machines with SlicerBot accounts are:

  • factory
  • factory-south-ubuntu
  • factory-south-win7