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CHECKOUT slicer source files

1. While it is not enforced, we strongly recommend you to AVOID the use of SPACES for both the source directory and the build directory. We mean it.

2. Even if you use svn to check out Slicer source code, you will need to have git installed to checkout and build other libraries. YES, you need to install the things listed in the prerequisites !.

Git [Recommended]

Checking the code using Git and configuring the git-svn bridge is the way to go. If you plan on contributing code, have a look at How to contribute a patch ?

  • Clone the github repository
 git clone git://
  • Configure the git-svn bridge to ensure the mapping with svn revision.
  cd Slicer
  git svn init
  git update-ref refs/remotes/git-svn refs/remotes/origin/master
  git checkout master
  git svn rebase


To simply build Slicer, getting the code using svn is a more straight-forward approach.

 svn co Slicer