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CHECKOUT slicer source files

Two options: svn or git-svn

To make review and integration of your welcome contributions, we recommends the use of git-svn

Note that even if you use svn to check out Slicer source code, you will need to have git installed to checkout and build other libraries. YES, you need to install the things listed in the prerequisites !.

Using git-svn

 git clone git://
 cd Slicer
 git svn init
 git update-ref refs/remotes/git-svn refs/remotes/origin/master
 git checkout master
 git svn rebase

Consider reading the following page: Slicer guide to git-svn

Using svn

cd MyProjects
svn co Slicer

Note: be sure to name your source directory 'Slicer' for compatibility with the build process.