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For the stable Slicer documentation, visit the 4.10 page.


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Slicer Highlights

  • .mrb files
  • data store module
  • improved integration of non rigid deformations
  • Transform visualizer
  • Faster image stack (png, jpg, bmp, tiff...) loading

Slicer Extensions

Looking at the Code Changes

From a git checkout you can easily see the all the commits since the time of the 4.4.2 release:

git log --since="Sat Dec 8 03:32:53 2012"

To see a summary of your own commits, you could use something like:

git log --since="Sat Dec 8 03:32:53 2012"  --oneline --author=pieper

see the git log man page for more options.

Commit stats and full changelog

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