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This page will document experiments related to the upgrade of Slicer base to VTK6.



Build System

Migration Guide

This section documents required change to make Slicer code work with VTK6.


  • Check.svg VTK6 has been integrated into Slicer trunk. It is disabled by default. To enable it, pass the option -DVTK_VERSION_MAJOR:STRING=6
    • Using ccmake and setting the VTK_VERSION_MAJOR variable does not seem to work. The first "generation" in ccmake, causes a VTKv5 structure to be created which is not overwritten by subsequent runs with VTK_VERSION_MAJOR changed. I had to remove the VTKv5 directories from the build and run cmake as described above with -DVTK_VERSION_MAJOR:STRING=6. - Jim