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* [http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=25140 r25140] -> Hastings Greer <hastings.greer@kitware.com>
* [http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=25140 r25140] -> Hastings Greer <hastings.greer@kitware.com>
* [http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=25744 r25744] -> Add <code>Suggested-by: Alexis Girault <alexis.girault@kitware.com></code>
* [http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=25744 r25744] -> Add <code>Suggested-by: Alexis Girault <alexis.girault@kitware.com></code>
* [http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=26841 r26841] -> <code>From: Gregory C. Sharp <gregsharp.geo@yahoo.com></code>, <code>Co-authored-by: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin <jchris.fillionr@kitware.com></code>
* [http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=26841 r26841] -> <code>From: Gregory C. Sharp <gregsharp.geo@yahoo.com></code>, <code>Co-authored-by: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin <jchris.fillionr@kitware.com>
* [http://viewvc.slicer.org/viewvc.cgi/Slicer4?view=revision&revision=26856 r26856] -> Add <code>From: Adam Rankin <adam.rankin@gmail.com></code>
= Commit message =
= Commit message =

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This page keep tracks of the progress done toward the conversion from (1) Slicer svn repository mirror onto github into (2) a only git repository.

Related issues


Since contribution have been integrated using the svn dcommit --add-from-author, the history should be filtered to change the commit author as specified in the From: statement.

In addition, the following update should be considered:

  • r22869 -> Franklinwk <franklin.king@queensu.ca>
  • r23080 ->Co-authored-by: Andras Lasso <lasso@queensu.ca>
  • r23506 -> Andras Lasso <lasso@queensu.ca>
  • r23758 -> Andras Lasso <lasso@queensu.ca>
  • r24061 -> Alireza Mehrtash <mehrtash@bwh.harvard.edu>
  • r24309 -> Andras Lasso <lasso@queensu.ca>
  • r24631 ->Co-authored-by: Max Smolens <max.smolens@kitware.com>
  • r24720 -> Change author email to zhangfanmark@gmail.com
  • r25140 -> Hastings Greer <hastings.greer@kitware.com>
  • r25744 -> Add Suggested-by: Alexis Girault <alexis.girault@kitware.com>
  • r26841 -> From: Gregory C. Sharp <gregsharp.geo@yahoo.com>, Co-authored-by: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin <jchris.fillionr@kitware.com>
  • r26856 -> Add From: Adam Rankin <adam.rankin@gmail.com>

Commit message

The following commit message could be fixed:

STYLE: Add test for CLI Node status update

This commit adds a test checking that CLI status has the expected
value following StatusModifiedEvent.

Possible status are the following:


Note that the status is inconsistently update between synchronous and asynchronous mode. This
will be addressed in a follow up commit.

Removing binary data from history

  • Filter the history
  • Remove file above <= X MB
  • Integrate a NOTE with location of files and crypto hash

Some stats:

  • Hina, Jc (from Kitware Carrboro): 3min30sec
  • Andrey (SPL): 2m13s
  • Steve (Cambridge): 21s (full history), 8s (with --depth=1)


  • Distribution of binary files across revision
  • experiment with history filter and compare with above stats