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As part of the SALT project we would like to revamp some of the existing functionality in MeshMath into the SurfaceToolbox. We will be hiring a summer intern to work on this over a couple of months this summer.


  • JC Fillon-Robin
  • Bea Paniagua
  • Jared Vicory
  • Andras Lasso
  • TBD engineer


  • KWMeshVisu: Legacy viewer from the Styner Lab.
  • Types of Mesh Operations:
    • PairWise Mesh
    • Group Mesh
    • Single Mesh
    • MeshToVolume
    • MeshScalar to Mesh
    • MeshScalar to MeshScalar

Initial discussions

We will be potentially implementing individual CLIs for each functionality in MeshMath, and those will be plugged into the Surface Toolbox.

Current MeshMath functionality

  1. subtract: "Subtract mesh from inputmesh, write a KWMeshVisu readable text file"

Type: PairWiseMesh

To-do: Not keep. This functionality is currently available through ModelToModelDistance

Path forward

Testing data