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== Initial discussions ==
== Initial discussions ==
* Add <tt>setCategoryVisible(visble)</tt> function to <tt>SampleData.SampleDataWidget</tt>
* Add <tt>setCategoryVisible(categoryName, visible)</tt> function to <tt>SampleData.SampleDataWidget</tt>

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As part of the SALT project we are working on improving the Sample Data module as a way to help new SALT users jump-start using our software. The first person to suggest this was Andras Lasso

The plan involves:

  1. Improving the infrastructure of the Sample Data module, so it is possible to hide the default datasets in the Module.
  2. Add custom datasets to the Sample Data Module in SALT, built-in category will be hidden
  3. Improve the infrastructure of the Sample Data module so it can be included in modules as a tab


  • JC Fillon-Robin
  • Bea Paniagua
  • Jared Vicory
  • Mateo Lopez (UNC)


Initial discussions

  • Add setCategoryVisible(categoryName, visible) function to SampleData.SampleDataWidget