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This page keeps track of possible improvement related to the Slicer documentation infrastructure.


  • Check.svg 2015-11-22 1967: Improve "" page - Easier access to build / download / contribute

  • 1966: Add disclaimer associated with 32bit on
  • Check.svg 2015-11-22 1991: Cosmetics for the slicer download page


  1. Issue reports and feature requests can be listed using this link:


  • 2971: Install MetaTags extension
    • Would be great to try it. Note that dependent extension StubManager is not maintained anymore
  • 1543: Install CategoryTree extension
  • 2190: Fix graphviz installation on Slicer wiki
  • 2170: Install extension SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi on Slicer wiki
  • Check.svg 2015-11-22 2272: Simplfy the first screen of the Slicer documentation page
  • 2968: Slicer wiki - Enable short url => easier configuration of robots.txt
  • Account
    • 4216: Wiki: Notify Slicer core developers
  • Analytics
    • 4215: Notify Slicer core developers when an account is created
  • Improved UI
    • 4214: Wiki: Add support for vectorial fonts


User documentation

This page is being developed by Hillary from Queen University with help from Andras Lasso.

It is based on this mock-up and is intended to become the new Slicer landing page.

Transition to a new platform

Expected features

  • Analytics
  • Search
  • Easily editable by user with review process
  • Integrated with C++ and python documentation generator
  • hackable





sphinx + readthedocs:

sphinx + readthedocs + doxygen:


user feedback: