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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Alan Morris, CARMA Center, University of Utah
Contributors: Josh Cates, Rob MacLeod, Eugene Kholmovski, CARMA Center, University of Utah
Contact: Alan Morris: <email></email>

The University of Utah Health Sciences  

Module Description

This module implements a local intensity correction for inhomogeneities due to coil placement in cardiac LGE-MRI images. It fits a gradient function to the image data and normalizes accordingly. Note that this is not a whole image correction and it is specific to LGE MRI cardiac images. The input to this module is a segmented region on which to base the intensity gradient model and a segmentation of the region of interest to apply the correction. There are no parameters.

Use Cases

This module is meant to be used for MRI scans where local inhomogeneity has been detected.

Inhomogeneity correction, original above, corrected below


Automatic Cardiac MRI Inhomogeneity Correction Filter Tutorial

Panels and their use

  • MRI Image : Select the DE-MRI image
  • Blood Pool mask : Select the label map for the blood pool
  • ROI mask : Select the label map for the targeted region of interest
  • Corrected Output : The output volume

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Information for Developers

The source code for this module can be found at the CARMA GitHub repository.