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For the latest Slicer developers documentation, visit the Nightly page.

1. Create repo on github

2. Clone repo locally

Copy/Paste Slicer4/Extensions/CLIExtensionTemplate.s4ext at the root directory of your local repo
Copy/Paste Slicer4/Extensions/Testing/CLIExtensionTemplate at the root directory of your local repo
Rename CLIExtensionTemplate into Modules/CLI/ImageMaker
Rename all the files and CMakeLists.txt

Add license to files

Edit your CLI

Build your extension

Open Slicer and in Application Settings, add build path to Slicer

Restart and reopen Slicer with module

-> debug ( Slicer.exe --VisualStudio Slicer.sln  and breakpoints in CLI).

Push code to github:
  Extension icon:

Edit .s4xt


Build ExperimentalUpload

Remove module path from Application Settings
Open Extension Manager
Download experimental extension
-> works !
Edit s4xt with screenshots URLS made for the doc wiki pages.
go to
Fork it
git clone it
git checkout -b add-QuickTools
git gui
git push origin add-QuickTools
on github, do the pull request.
check dashboards.