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Introduction and Acknowledgements


Contact: <email></email>

Arcuate fasciculus (AF) tract in the setting of edema [Chen et al, 2015]  
Corpus callosum (CC) tract  

Module Description

For additional references, please see below (References section).

Use Cases

By default, this module uses a tensor model (either one or two tensors). The default tensor model is a cylinder: both smaller eigenvalues are equal. The NODDI model can also be used.

  • 1-Tensor tractography
  • 1-Tensor tractography with free water
  • 2-Tensor tractography
  • 2-Tensor tractography with free water
  • Neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging (NODDI)


Panels and their use


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Similar Modules

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  • Tractography ROI Seeding
  • Diffusion Tensor Estimation


Information for Developers