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For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the read-the-docs.

All Platforms

See the Slicer4 project in the bug tracker for outstanding issues.



A three-button mouse (with scroll wheel) will make slicer much easier to work with.


Slicer4 will not start if you have Slicer_HOME environment variable initialized to point to a directory different from your Slicer4 installation.

Fedora 13 (SPL systems)

Creating symlinks on /usr requires root privileges. In the cases when this is not achievable, symlinks can be created in any directory, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable should be initialized accordingly. Here are the specific steps how this can be done:

> cd ~
> mkdir local
> cd local
> ln -s /usr/lib64/
> ln -s /usr/lib64/
> setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${HOME}/local

(these exact commands should work for the SPL systems)