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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Marcel Prastawa
Contact: Marcel Prastawa, <email></email>

Acknowledgments: This project was supported by NIH grant U54 EB005149.

Module Description

ABC (Atlas Based Classification) is a full segmentation pipeline designed and developed for healthy brain MRIs. The processing pipeline includes image registration, filtering, inhomogeneity correction, and skull stripping.


The software is designed and tested for healthy brain MRI (pediatric - adult).

The processing involved in the module can take up to five minutes for a typical MR image, using the default setting that was chosen to generate coarser results. Speed-ups are possible by increasing the number of threads (specified in the Speed panel). Results with higher accuracy can be obtained by increasing the maximum polynomial degree of the bias field (in the Advanced panel), increasing the number of pre-filtering iterations (in the Advanced panel), and switching to finer sampling for image registration (in the Speed panel).

Panels and their use


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Information for Developers

Source code can be found at