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Introduction and Acknowledgements


Extension: XNATSlicer
Acknowledgments: TBD
Author: Sunil Kumar (Moka Creative LLC , Washington University in St. Louis)
Contributors: Dan Marcus (Washington University in St. Louis), Steve Pieper (SPL)
Contact: Rick Herrick, <email></email>

National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC)  
The Neuroinformatics Research Group - WUSTL  

Module Description

Secure GUI-based IO with any XNAT server. For Slicer 4.3+


Please note the new repository.

For XNATSlicer for Slicer 4.2, the old repository is here


  • Visualize XNAT hosted images in Slicer.
  • Create, modify and save Slicer scenes directly from/to XNAT.
  • Toggle and customize XNAT metadata.
  • Create new projects, subjects and experiments on the fly.
  • Search projects, subjects and experiments.
  • Fluid interaction between Slicer and XNAT.
  • Secure login and host management.

Use Cases

Coming Soon!


Panels and their use

For Users

UserDesc MainPanel.png

For Developers

DeveloperDesc MainPanel.png

Similar Modules


Information for Developers

Source code: