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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Junichi Tokuda, Laurent Chauvin, Tamas Ungi, Nobuhiko Hata
Contact: Junichi Tokuda <email></email>
License: Slicer license |- |


This work is supported by NA-MIC, NCIGT, and the Slicer Community. This work is partially supported by NIH 1R01CA111288-01A1 "Enabling Technologies for MRI-Guided Prostate Interventions" (PI: Clare Tempany), P01-CA67165 "Image Guided Therapy" (PI: Ferenc Joelsz) and AIST Intelligent Surgical Instrument Project (PI: Makoto Hashizume, Site-PI: Nobuhiko Hata).

Extension Description

VolumeResliceDriver module allows updating a reslicing plane by a linear transform node. It is particularly useful for stereotactic surgical navigation, where position and orientation of surgical tools are being detected by 3D position sensor and imported to 3D Slicer; the module can reslice a volumetric image of the patient with a plane along the surgical tool and visualize the sectional image on 2D and 3D viewer on the 3D Slicer window. The module was originally developed part of 3D Slicer OpenIGTLink IF in version 3.x, and became an independent extension since version 4.x.

Use Cases

VolumeResliceDriver GUI


Please follow the OpenIGTLink IF Tutorial presentation file.

Similar Extensions

  • OpenIGTLinkIF: VolumeResliceDriver is designed to be used with OpenIGTLinkIF, which allows importing real-time tool tracking data from external tracking devices e.g. optical tracking system, EM tracking system or real-time image stream from external imaging scanners over the network.


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  2. Tokuda J, Fischer GS, Papademetris X, Yaniv Z, Ibanez L, Cheng P, Liu H, Blevins J, Arata J, Golby A, Kapur T, Pieper S, Burdette EC, Fichtinger G, Tempany CM, Hata N, OpenIGTLink: An Open Network Protocol for Image-Guided Therapy Environment, Int J Med Robot 2009; 5(4):423-34.

Information for Developers


The VolumeResliceDriver logo is designed by Tamas Ungi (Queen's University).