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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Salma Bengali, CARMA Center, University of Utah
Contributors: Alan Morris, Josh Cates, Rob MacLeod, CARMA Center, University of Utah
Contact: Salma Bengali: <email></email>

The University of Utah Health Sciences  

Module Description

This module can be used to threshold a model of the left atrium. It requires an input LGE-MRI image, an endocardium segmentation and a wall segmentation. The wall model can be thresholded in order to visualize regions of scar.

Use Cases

This module is meant to be used to threshold the wall model produced from the wall segmentation of the left atrium.

Thresholded Wall Model
Changing the Threshold


Threshold Model Tutorial

Panels and their use

  • Input Image Volume : Select an LGE-MRI image
  • Endo Label Map : Select the endo segmentation
  • Wall Label Map : Select the wall segmentation
  • Input Wall Model : Select the wall model created by the module

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Information for Developers

The source code for this module can be found at the CARMA GitHub repository.