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For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the read-the-docs.


Slicer4 with Volume Rendering enabled
Slicer4 with a Diffusion Tensor Volume loaded
Slicer with Qt only
Slicer with KWWidgets + Qt
Qt Designer to design modules


Volume Rendering Module
Sample Data Module
Endoscopy Module
SceneViews Module
Editor Module
Models Module
Color Module
Volumes Module
Volumes Module (DTI volume)
Slice Controllers Module
Data Module
ROI Module
Tractography Module
Linear Registration Module (CLI)
Welcome Module
Cameras Module
Transforms Module


Extensions Management dialog
Application settings dialog
Color picker dialog
Shortcuts dialog
Standard File Dialog (using Volumes reader)
Standard File Dialog (using Scalar Overlay reader)
Standard File Dialog
Add Data Dialog
Save Data Dialog


CTK Widgets

See the CTK image gallery


qSlicerPresetComboBox QSlicerPresetNodeComboBox.png A combobox to select presets
qMRMLCheckableNodeComboBox QMRMLCheckableNodeComboBox.png A combobox to select multiple nodes
qMRMLModelDisplayNodeWidget QMRMLModelDisplayNodeWidget.png A widget that represents any vtkMRMLModelDisplayNode
qMRMLDisplayNodeWidget QMRMLDisplayNodeWidget.png A widget that represents any vtkMRMLDisplayNode
qMRMLModelInfoWidget QMRMLModelInfoWidget.png A widget that shows model internal data properties
qMRMLVolumeInfoWidget QMRMLVolumeInfoWidget.png A widget that shows volume internal data properties
qMRMLColorTableView QMRMLColorTableView.png A table view to display a color table model
qMRMLColorTableComboBox QMRMLSceneColorTableModel.png a tree combobox to choose a color table node
qMRMLThreeDViewsWidget QMRMLThreeDViewsWidget.png a toolbar to control 3D views
qMRMLSlicesControllerToolBar QMRMLSlicesControllerToolBar.png a toolbar to control slices options
qMRMLThreeDView QMRMLThreeDView.png A 3D vtk render window
qMRMLSliceWidget QMRMLSliceWidget.pngQMRMLSliceWidget-Lightbox.png a 2D vtk render window with a controller
qMRMLROIWidget QMRMLROIWidget.png 3 range sliders to define a Region of Interest
QMRMLItemModel.png A collection of QObjects to communicate with a vtkMRMLScene
qMRMLMatrixWidget 2009 10 09-QMRMLMatrixItem.png A QTableWidget specially conceived for displaying/editing matrices
qMRMLNodeComboBox QMRMLNodeComboBox.png A QComboBox containing vtkMRMLNodes
qMRMLVolumeThresholdWidget QMRMLThresholdVolumeWidget.png A widget to set the threshold of a vtkMRMLVolumeNode
qMRMLTransformSliders 2009 10 09-QMRMLTransformSliders.png A collection of qCTKSliderSpinBox for setting transform properties (translation or rotation)
qMRMLWindowLevelWidget QMRMLWindowLevelWidget.png A widget to set the window level of a vtkMRMLVolumeNode


qSlicerDiffusionTensorVolumeDisplayWidget QSlicerDiffusionTensorVolumeDisplayWidget.png Display widget for vtkMRMLDiffusionTensorVolume
qSlicerDiffusionWeightedVolumeDisplayWidget QSlicerDiffusionWeightedVolumeDisplayWidget.png Display widget for vtkMRMLDiffusionWeightedVolume
qSlicerDTISliceDisplayWidget QSlicerDTISliceDisplayWidget.png Widget to control vtkMRMLDiffusionTensorVolumeSliceDisplayNode
qSlicerMouseModeToolBar QSlicerMouseModeToolBar.png A toolbar to select mouse modes
qSlicerModuleSelectorToolBar QSlicerModuleSelectorToolBar.png
A toolbar to select modules


Double Slider example