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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Stephen Aylward
Contributors: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (Kitware), Christopher Mullins (Kitware), Michael Jeulin-L (Kitware), Matthew McCormick (Kitware)
Contact: Christopher Mullins, <email></email>
License: TubeTK License

Extension Description

TubeTK is an open-source toolkit for the segmentation, registration, and analysis of tubes and surfaces in images.

Tubes and surfaces, as generalized 1D and 2D manifolds in N-dimensional images, are essential components in a variety of image analysis tasks. Instances of tubular structures in images include blood vessels in magnetic resonance angiograms and b-mode ultrasound images, wires in microscopy images of integrated circuits, roads in areal photographs, and nerves in confocal microscopy.