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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Author: Stephen Aylward
Contributors: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (Kitware), Christopher Mullins (Kitware), Michael Jeulin-L (Kitware), Matthew McCormick (Kitware)
Contact: Christopher Mullins, <email></email>
License: TubeTK License

Extension Description

TubeTK is an open-source toolkit for the segmentation, registration, and analysis of tubes and surfaces in images.

Tubes and surfaces, as generalized 1D and 2D manifolds in N-dimensional images, are essential components in a variety of image analysis tasks. Instances of tubular structures in images include blood vessels in magnetic resonance angiograms and b-mode ultrasound images, wires in microscopy images of integrated circuits, roads in areal photographs, and nerves in confocal microscopy.



The development of TubeTK is being funded, in part, by the following grants

  • 1. NIH/NIBIB sponsored "National Alliance of Medical Image Computing" (NA-MIC, PI: Kikinis) project
  • 2. DARPA sponsored "Trust in Integrated Circuits" (EXPOSE, PI: Bajura) program
  • 3. NIH/NCI sponsored "Image Registration for Ultrasound-Based Neurosurgical Navigation" (NeuralNav, PI: Aylward, Wells)