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Slicer is generally simple to install on all platforms. It is possible to install multiple versions of the application on the same user account and they will not interfere with each other.

If you run into mysterious problems with your installation you can try deleting the Settings Files

Installation / Uninstallation


  • Run the installer
  • Run Slicer from the start menu
  • Use the uninstaller to remove the application


  • Drag the Slicer application to your Applications folder or other location of your choice.
  • You cannot install extensions into the read-only volume so you must copy before installing extensions.
  • Delete the folder to uninstall


  • Open the tar.gz archive and copy directory to the location of your choice. Run the Slicer executable.
  • Remove the directory to uninstall

Platform Notes

The following may be needed on fresh debian

sudo apt-get install libpulse-dev libnss3