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Introduction and Acknowledgements

  • This work is part of the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC), funded by the National Institutes of Health through the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, Grant U54 EB005149. Information on NA-MIC can be obtained from the NA-MIC website. The development of this module was supported in part by NIH grants R01 AA016748-01, R01 CA111288 .... check grants.
  • Authors: Steve Pieper, Isomics, Inc., Katharina Quintus, BWH (original Slicer 3 version)
  • Contact: Steve Pieper, <email></email>

Module Description

Calculate image and volume properties using a label map and a gray scale image.

Use Cases

The module is fairly simple. Just select a background volume and a label volume (for example, as created using the Editor Module) and click Apply.

The volumes of the table show:

  • Label there is one row for each unique value in the label volume
  • Count is the number of pixels in the label volume that have this value
  • Volume is the product of the pixel spacings (volume per pixel) times the Count
  • Min, Max, Mean, StdDev Statistics on the grayscale pixel values at the locations that correspond to the label value.
Label Statistics of Sample Data


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