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3D Slicer
3D Slicer 4.0
Research platform for the analysis and visualization of medical images, including image guided therapy.
Free and extensible open source package.
Multi-platform Linux, MacOSX, Windows
Version 4.0
License Contribution and Software License Agreement
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This document aims at describing the steps required to write Slicer user documentation.

The user documentation could be grouped under two main sections:

  • Slicer Application
  • Modules

The basic approach is to have most of the documentation in the source code and to populate the wiki pages using scripts.

  • For the end user documentation use this Template
  • All module documentation page should be named according to the following pattern: Documentation/4.0/Modules/MODULENAME
  • High resolution logos are in the Logo Gallery
  • Collaborators' name, logo, URL have been centralized into a convenient set of templates
  • The following link will list all modules belonging to the Documentation/4.0/Modules category.
  • For CLI modules, the SVNREVISION revision number is reported on this page. The module description and the information for developers would be automatically extracted from the corresponding XML description. Note: for the moment it's required to update that number at multiple location within the wiki source of a given module documentation page. Soon this will be centralized.