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  • Please copy the template linked below, paste it into your page and customize it with your module's information.


  • See below for info to be put into the Help and Acknowledgment Tabs
  • To put your lab's logo into a module, see here

Please adhere to the naming scheme for the module documentation:

  • [ [Modules:MyModuleNameNoSpaces-Documentation-3.5|My Module Name With Spaces] ] (First Last Name)

Requirements for Modules

  • The module is feature complete, it does everything that it advertises it can do
  • The module has a test. See here for more information.
  • Module has documentation on the Slicer wiki. Please use the template provided here to structure your page.
  • Please add a pointer to the documentation on the Slicer wiki to the the Help tab of the module. See the Editor module in Slicer for an example.
  • The contributor (and their manager/advisor), the lab (with labs/institution logo) and the funding source (with grant number, logo optional) are listed in the Acknowledgment tab of the module. Please see the Models module for an example. The people listed in the acknowledgement will be the primary people for support and maintenance relative of the module.
    • Style Guide: All acknowledgment icons should be 100x100 pixels, preferably in png format.
    • Accessing logos: Icons for BIRN, NAC, NA-MIC and IGT are included in Slicer3/Base/GUI//vtkSlicerBaseAcknowledgementLogoIcons.cxx/h and resources for them are in Slicer3/Base/GUI/Resources/vtkSlicerBaseAcknowledgementLogos_ImageData.h. The API for vtkSlicerModuleGUI provides access to these icons.
    • Adding logos: Please add additional image resources and logo icons to these files as required in order to promote shared use (and to prevent duplication in the code.)
Examples for the Help and

Acknowledgment Panels


List of Modules new to 3.5

List of pre-existing Modules


Specialized Modules

Please adhere to the naming scheme for the module documentation:

  • [ [Modules:MyModuleNameNoSpaces-Documentation-3.4|My Module Name With Spaces] ] (First Last Name)


Informatics Modules


  • Overview:
    • The Register Images module is an integrated solution to all your registration needs, if you want to have a resampled volume as output. It provides access to rigid, affine and b-spline itk technologies.
    • The Transforms Module allows to manually align two volumes. This can be used for initial alignment.
    • Linear, affine and Deformable B-Spline modules can be used stand-alone or one after the other. They can accept transformation matrices as the start pose and produce either transforms or resampled volumes as output.
    • Transformation matrices derived from these modules can be used as input for resampling other volumes (including DTI) using the Resample Volume 2 module.
  • Register Images (Stephen Aylward)
  • Transforms Module (Alex Yarmarkovich)
  • Linear Registration (Daniel Blezek)
  • Affine Registration (Daniel Blezek)
  • Deformable B-Spline Registration (Bill Lorensen)
  • ACPC Transform (Nicole Aucoin)









Surface Models

  • Modelmaker (Nicole Aucoin)
  • Grayscale Model Maker (Bill Lorensen)

Batch processing