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Available Extensions

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   * Segmentation
         o ABC Marcel Prastawa ( (a.k.a. Atlas Based Classification) Not yet 3.6.
         o FuzzySegmentationModule Xiaodong Tao (taox at .
         o Image:MissingOrStaleDoc.pngSpineSegmentation Sylvain Jaume ( 
   * Registration
         o Robust
               + Image:MissingOrStaleDoc.pngBRAINSMush Hans Johnson ( .
               + Image:MissingOrStaleDoc.pngCMTK Computational Morphometry Toolkit Torsten Rohlfing (
               + HammerRegistration GuorongWu, XiaodongTao, JimMiller, DinggangShen (
               + Plastimatch Greg Sharp ( 
   * Wizards
         o ARCTIC Cedric Mathieu and Clement Vachet ( (a.k.a Automatic Regional Cortical ThICkness) .
         o LesionSegmentationApplications Mark Scully ( (a.k.a. 3DSlicerLupusLesionModule) .
         o Image:MissingOrStaleDoc.pngSkullStripperModule Xiaodong Tao ( 
   * Tractography
         o EMFiberClusteringModule Mahnaz Maddah ( (a.k.a. Quantitative Diffusion Tools). 
   * DWI
         o Image:MissingOrStaleDoc.pngRicianNoiseFilter Ross Whitaker ( . 
   * Time Series
         o 4D Analysis (Time-series plotting and analysis including kinetic analysis of DCE MRI) Junichi Tokuda ( 
   * Quantification
         o LabelDiameterEstimation Andriy Fedorov ( . 
     The Vascular Modeling Toolkit in 3D Slicer, Daniel Haehn ( 
       * VmtkSlicerModule prerequisite install for all VMTK plug-ins 
       * VMTKCenterlines providing centerline computation of surface models 
       * VMTKEasyLevelSetSegmentation providing level-set segmentation of vessels, aneurysms and tubular structures using an easy interface 
       * VMTKLevelSetSegmentation providing level-set segmentation of vessels, aneurysms and tubular structures using different algorithms for initialization and evolution 
       * VMTKVesselEnhancement providing vessel enhancement filters to highlight vascular or tubular structures 
   * Example Modules

   * ExampleCommandLine Jim Miller 
   * ExampleLoadableGuiLessModule Steve Pieper 
   * ExampleLoadableModule Steve Pieper 
   * PythonSampleScriptedModule Steve Pieper 
   * TclSampleScriptedModule Steve Pieper