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  • Update of VTK: good progress. Talked with David Gobbi to indentify the best strategy to add support for Hierarchy file now required for wrapping
  • EMSegment:

To Discuss

  • SlicerExecutionModel specification home
    • GithubPage associated with SlicerExecutionModel repository (or new repo named SlicerExecutionModel-specification)
    • Add support for "executables" tag and addition to existing "executable" tage: executable path="Foo" type="cpp|python"
  • CLI parameters are accessible in Slicer thanks to function named SetParameterDefaultValue/GetParameterDefaultValue (doc / parameter parsing): possible improvement of the documentation or a more explicit name?
  • Adding DICOM application settings panel.


  • Home for SEM spec:
    • Slicer/SlicerExecutionModel-specfication makes sense
    • In future, could also have a yaml/json version of the spec
  • SEM - If method are not used in extension, we could:
    • rename SetParameterDefaultValue/GetParameterDefaultValue to SetParameterValue/GetParameterValue
    • add "correct" implementation
    • to checkout source code of all extensions:
  • EMSegment to git:
    • Makes sense.
    • to speed up download, could also use shallow clone ? Look like specifying a commit will not work, a branch name need to be used
  • Metadata:
    • Update volume node with Set/Get metadata
    • We could also standardize on container type across VTK/ITK/ ... that would be wrapper in python