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To Discuss

  • Review PRs
  • discuss status of upcoming migrations
    • Qt5
    • Python 3
    • VTK OpenGL2 backend
  • Update on discourse and user/dev documentation
  • Update on Jupyter notebook integration


  • Qt5
    • packaging
    • create a slice web widget working with QWebView
  • Python3
  • VTK
    • Should move forward in the coming weeks
  • Discourse
    • In the short term, unlikely we will be able to setup that up at Kitware
    • Steve will check if we can host discourse side by side with the Slicer wiki on Digital Ocean instances
  • user/dev doc
    • gitbook CEO contacted. Mentioned we would need to support 1000 contributors. Suggested him to join our hangout.
    • mailing list users (as of April 4th 2017): user: 1090, devel: 581
    • Missing redirect to
    • Would need dump of wiki:
    • Moving FAQ to devel doc is ok. It will be quite easy to update and create PR from GitHub
  • Jupyter notebook integration
    • Since python env in Slicer is not standard, look like there is less interest into having IPython integration ?
    • Having loose coupling and pushing/pulling data from/to is a way forward