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To Discuss



  • Public Hangout
    • Alexis was connected first, but since it was not on Kitware's domain he could not use the chrome device at Kitware's office
    • Although Alexis could not use Kitware's chrome devices, users could not join the discussion without his permission. Was it still linked to Kitware's organisation? Or is it because he was the first connected?
    • Steve referenced and
  • Volumetric Mesh:
    • Finish-up changes listed in MR reviews
    • Test with Fiber bundle (Isaiah) to catch any major issues
    • Add testing
      • Read/Write, Set/Get (Modules/Loadable/Models/Testing)
      • Integration (run scenario)
    • Possibly reference GitHub hosted gif links in commit messages, or just in future updated documentation for the Models module
  • RapidJSON
    • Taking JsonCPP out make created some issues? Could have been used in someone's extensions?
    • JsonCPP was part of the Slicer 4.6 release, so changes will be not backward-compatible, need to reference it.
    • Andras needs JC to give his input for the CMake integration
    • Should be integrated in a few more days
  • Forum
    • Need to transition from mailing list which becomes obsolete. Main interest in Discourse
    • See if Kitware shows interest to host an infrastructure for Discourse and transition its main platforms so that:
      • it can be maintained by Kitware (and not SPL, who is busy running a hospital)
      • Slicer can "piggy-back" on the system used by its dependencies (CDash, ITK, VTK...)
      • Could users register just one on Kitware's Discourse domain and join any platform's forum?
    • If no interest from Kitware to move in less than 6 months, might look into transitioning independently
    • Moderation
      • Will need to assign moderators who would need to dedicate time to this
      • Isaiah is a moderator on a Discourse forum for another project and can give some more inputs