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To Discuss



  • Volumetric Mesh:
    • Finish-up changes listed in MR reviews
    • Test with Fiber bundle (Isaiah) to catch any major issues
    • Add testing
      • Read/Write, Set/Get (Modules/Loadable/Models/Testing)
      • Integration (run scenario)
    • Possibly reference GitHub hosted gif links in commit messages, or just in future updated documentation for the Models module
  • RapidJSON
    • Taking JsonCPP out make created some issues? Could have been used in someone's extensions?
    • JsonCPP was part of the Slicer 4.6 release, so changes will be not backward-compatible, need to reference it.
    • Andras needs JC to give his input for the CMake integration
    • Should be integrated in a few more days
  • Forum
    • Need to transition from mailing list which becomes obsolete. Main interest in Discourse
    • See if Kitware shows interest to maintain an infrastructure for Discourse and transition its main platforms so that:
      • it can be maintained by Kitware (and not SPL, who is busy running a hospital)
      • Slicer can "piggy-back" on the system used by its dependencies (CDash, ITK, VTK...)
      • Could users register just one on Kitware's Discourse domain and join any platform's forum?
    • If no interest from Kitware to move in less than 6 months, might look into transitioning independently
    • Moderation
      • Will need to assign moderators who would need to dedicate time to this
      • Isaiah is a moderator on a Discourse forum for another project and can give some more inputs