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= Conclusion =
= Conclusion =
* Steve and Nicole reviewed patch schedule.

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To Discuss

Next patch release

  • Will be version as 4.5.2 (to avoid confusion between 4.5.0-1 and 4.5.1)

Possible patches:


  • Patch release date ?
    • Jc: Considering I will be travelling next week (March 12 to 19), it will most likely happen at the end of the month.
  • Is it okay to update version of ITK (r24932, r24933, r24947 and r24892) ?
    • Jc: Considering that (1) the ITK version update consists of around ~500 ITK commits andn (2) it also requires substantial updates in Slicer transform code and BRAINSTools. These are outside of the scope of this patch release.
cd Slicer-SuperBuild-Release/ITKv4
$ git lg 0305504...84ba36b --no-merges | wc -l



  • Steve and Nicole reviewed patch schedule.