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  • Jc:
  • Steve
    • working on Q3DCExtension with Bea and Francois for SlicerCMF
    • working on CommonGL for new volume renderer and editor effects
      • One of the goal: Multivolume compositing

To Discuss


Extension license

  • Should we "allow" extension bundling GPL source code to be built on the factory and distributed with Slicer ?
    • Potentially yes, we could distribute code distributed under non academic license (aka reciprocal public license). That said, we would have to update the infrastructure to clearly notify the user.
  • It is not clear what is the default license associated with extension.
    • Todo: Update template to explicitly default to the Slicer license. The Slicer license would be copied into each template folder. Description would be updated with the following text "Unless specified differently, the extension code is distributed under 3D Slicer BSD style license"
    • Ideally, we could also extend the description file spec to include a "license" identifier.
  • What about closed source ?
    • These will not be distributed by the Slicer extension manager. A solution would be setup a dedicated extension server.

DMCTK update

  • Segmentation object support have been integrated into DCMTK master.
  • Next snapshot of DCMTK will most likely be done in September. Snapshot is somewhat arbitrary, we will choose a version in the coming days.
  • Regarding the private dic, Andriy will double check the embedded dict feature works as expected and create a Slicer pull request with a chosen DCMTK version.