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Go over plans for a release of slicer before summer project week. This will be the last release of slicer during the current round of NA-MIC funding, so the goal is to wrap up loose ends and stabilize the core so that most of the work can happen in extensions.

Where and When

9am to 5pm, Thursday/Friday March 6-7 2014 at 1249 Boylston in Boston.

Who What When

  • Jc - Thursday and Friday
  • Steve - Thursday and Friday
  • Alex - Friday
  • Nicole - Thursday and Friday

To discuss

  • Set the release schedule
  • Review the Bug Tracker
  • Assign any newly defined tasks for release
  • Decide on software versions for release
  • Review documentation pages
  • Review input from extension developers
  • Review input from users



  • Bug tracker
    • closed resolved bugs not edited in last three months, down from 543 to 11
    • updated fixed in/target fields
  • Decided that nothing should be commited to the svn trunk that's not associated with a Mantis issue that's targeted for Slicer 4.4

Release Schedule

Transition to full git:

Transition VTK6:

Support CMake 3.0:

Bug Fixing/new features code freeze/updating new features annoucement page:

Release Candidate: nightly builds

Documentation updated:

Release Slicer 4.4: May 30th.