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To discuss

  • Sync expectation regarding the CLI used to read DICOM
  • Discuss how tutorials testing could be improved.


  • PETStandardUptakeValueComputation would need to be changed to accommodate new data. Two days before the release, it's not reasonable to change the module.
    • Question: How the process could be improved to anticipate such issue early on ?
    • Workaround: The data will be modified. Steve and Sonia will be working on it.
  • Discuss failing test py_RSNA2012Quant
    • Related to a problem in ChangeTracker.
      • Annotation node should be initalized + reference counting should be properly handled.
      • Steve will create an issue and assigned it to Andriy
    • Probably be related to the redesigned associated with ROI node
  • Tutorial 6 - ABC extension
    • Alex will talk with Marcel so that he recreate the tutorial for Slicer4
    • Dataset also need to be updated to include updated atlas data
  • Tutorial 0
    • MacOSX - Last night build - OK [tested by Sonia]
  • Tutorial 1
    • No notes on the mantis issue. Jim will provide an update.
  • Tutorial 2
    • MacOSX - Last night build - OK [tested by Ron]
  • Tutorial 3, 4, 5
    • Works
      • Expect for VTK GPU RayCast method on old MacOSx
      • Method "OpenGL Texture raycaster" also have problem. See 2711
  • Tutorial 7
    • Csaba will be at RSNA
  • Tutorial 8
    • Ron will try
  • Tutorial 9
    • MacOSX - r21280 - OK
  • Tutorial 10
    • Check with Jim
  • Tutorial 11
    • See 2513
    • Mariana and Nicole are working on the data.
  • Tutorial 12
    • MacOSX - r21280 - OK
  • Tutorial 13
    • MacOSX - r21280 - segmentation volume color table is all black
    • Linux - r21280 - segmentation volume color table is all black
      • Seems to be an issue specific to MRB files
  • Steve called Jim on the phone and he confirmed that all his tutorial were tested (or "not in the critical path")
  • Issue 2311: Assigned to Jim. Probably be a duplicate. Steve not able to reproduce. He will add a node to the issue.
  • Mailing question have been reviewed. See comment in "ToDiscuss" section
  • Will be cutting the 4.2 release on Wednesday afternoon at 1PM