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(old CSF label really pointed to third venticle)
(remove old third venticle)
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| RID18435
| RID18435
| RID18435
| RID18435
| int14
| 14
| third ventricle
| rgb(88,106,215)
| RID7137
| RID7137

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NAC CCA Core 2010 MRI Brain Atlas


This file contains the label information for the 2010 MRI Brain Atlas from the NAC CCA Core.


Ion-Florin Talos MD
Michael Halle PhD
Center for Computational Anatomy Core, Neuroimage Analysis Center, Surgical Planning Lab, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Neuroimage Analysis Center (NAC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), NIH P41 RR13218.
Creation Date


Lookup table information can be imported from other pages by adding links to those pages in a section like this one named "Imports".

The atlas doesn't currently import any such files.

Lookup table information

Any tables defined with class "labelpagetable" in the wiki markup will be interpreted as part of the color file description. The information in the tables are concatenated. For color file construction, the tables need to have columns named "integer_label", "text_label", and "color". These columns can appear in any order. Other columns can be included (for example, "notes").

Multiple tables can be used to organize large sets of labels for efficient viewing and editing.

The "color" column uses either CSS3-type color descriptions or raw integer values to describe the red, green, blue, and possibly alpha values of the color.

Non-anatomic entities

integer_label text_label color notes
0 background rgba(0,0,0,0.0) The background label is included here because it isn't an anatomical structure.

Atlas lookup table

id integer_label text_label color radlex_id radlex_structure_id cca_atlas_id notes
int2 2 white matter of left cerebral hemisphere rgb(245,245,245) RID16998 RID16998
int4 4 left lateral ventricle rgb(88,106,215) RID13807 RID13807
int5 5 temporal horn of left lateral ventricle rgb(88,106,215) RID13803 RID13803
int7 7 white matter of left hemisphere of cerebellum rgb(221,248,164) RID17313 RID17313
int8 8 left cerebellar cortex rgb(230,148,34) RID15574 RID15574
int10 10 left thalamus rgb(0,118,14) RID13496 RID13496
int11 11 left caudate nucleus rgb(122,186,220) RID21020 RID21020
int12 12 left putamen rgb(236,13,176) RID21015 RID21015
int13 13 left globus pallidus pars externa rgb(12,48,255) RID18435 RID18435
int15 15 fourth ventricle rgb(88,106,215) RID7147 RID7147
int17 17 left hippocampus rgb(220,216,20) RID26565 RID26565
int18 18 left amygdala rgb(103,255,255) RID15698 RID15698
int24 24 third ventricle rgb(88,106,215) RID7137 RID7137
int25 25 left globus pallidus pars interna rgb(255,165,0) RID18438 RID18438
int26 26 left nucleus accumbens rgb(165,0,255) RID21022 RID21022
int27 27 left middle cerebellar peduncle rgb(0,255,127) RID18080 RID18080
int28 28 unsegmented region of left hypothalamus rgb(165,42,42) RID6639 RID6639 CCAX-RID6639-L-U
int31 31 choroid plexus of left cerebral hemisphere rgb(88,106,215) RID27793 RID27793
int34 34 left superior cerebellar peduncle rgb(122,135,50) RID18078 RID18078
int35 35 unsegmented region of pons rgb(51,50,135) RID6728 RID6728 CCAX-RID6728-U
int40 40 unsegmented region of midbrain rgb(205,62,78) RID6768 RID6768 CCAX-RID6768-U
int41 41 white matter of right cerebral hemisphere rgb(0,225,0) RID16997 RID16997
int43 43 right lateral ventricle rgb(88,106,215) RID13806 RID13806
int44 44 temporal horn of right lateral ventricle rgb(88,106,215) RID13802 RID13802
int46 46 white matter of right hemisphere of cerebellum rgb(220,248,164) RID17312 RID17312
int47 47 right cerebellar cortex rgb(230,148,34) RID15573 RID15573
int49 49 right thalamus rgb(0,118,14) RID13495 RID13495
int50 50 right caudate nucleus rgb(122,186,220) RID21019 RID21019
int51 51 right putamen rgb(236,13,176) RID21014 RID21014
int52 52 right globus pallidus pars externa rgb(13,48,255) RID18434 RID18434
int53 53 right hippocampus rgb(220,216,20) RID26564 RID26564
int54 54 right amygdala rgb(103,255,255) RID15699 RID15699
int58 58 right nucleus accumbens rgb(255,165,0) RID21021 RID21021
int60 60 unsegmented region of right hypothalamus rgb(165,42,42) RID6639 RID6639 CCAX-RID6639-R-U
int61 61 medulla oblongata rgb(135,206,235) RID6681 RID6681
int63 63 choroid plexus of right cerebral hemisphere rgb(88,106,215) RID27792 RID27792
int66 66 left substantia nigra rgb(122,135,50) RID20742 RID20742
int71 71 right substantia nigra rgb(122,135,50) RID20741 RID20741
int72 72 pineal body rgb(120,190,150) RID6576 RID6576
int78 78 left optic tract rgb(255,148,10) RID22698 RID22698
int79 79 left red nucleus rgb(255,148,10) RID20702 RID20702
int83 83 right globus pallidus pars interna rgb(13,48,255) RID18437 RID18437
int84 84 right red nucleus rgb(255,218,185) RID20701 RID20701
int85 85 optic chiasm rgb(234,169,30) RID6641 RID6641
int96 96 pellucid septum rgb(205,10,125) RID6525 RID6525
int100 100 left mammillothalamic tract rgb(124,140,178) RID17575 RID17575 CCAX-RID17563-L
int142 142 anterior commissure rgb(221,226,68) RID6911 RID6911
int200 200 right mammillothalamic tract rgb(0,50,128) RID17574 RID17574 CCAX-RID17563-R
int216 216 right optic tract rgb(255,204,102) RID22697 RID22697
int1000 1000 unsegmented region of left insula rgb(125,5,25) RID13871 RID13871 CCAX-RID13871-U
int1001 1001 left superior temporal gyrus (banks of left superior temporal sulcus) rgb(25,100,40) RID20309 RID13889
int1002 1002 caudal part of left anterior cingulate gyrus rgb(125,100,160) RID26841 RID26841 CCAX-RID26841-S
int1003 1003 posterior part of left middle frontal gyrus rgb(100,25,0) RID26835 RID14075
int1005 1005 left cuneus rgb(220,20,100) RID20356 RID26552
int1006 1006 left ambiens gyrus rgb(220,20,10) RID26595 RID26595
int1007 1007 left fusiform gyrus rgb(180,220,140) RID26541 RID26541
int1008 1008 unsegmented region of left inferior parietal lobule rgb(220,60,220) RID27590 RID14108 CCAX-RID14108-U
int1009 1009 left inferior temporal gyrus rgb(180,40,120) RID20315 RID13893
int1010 1010 isthmus of left cingulate gyrus rgb(140,20,140) RID20384 RID14043
int1011 1011 left lateral occipital gyrus rgb(20,30,140) RID20353 RID13938
int1012 1012 left lateral orbital gyrus rgb(35,75,50) RID20293 RID13924
int1013 1013 left lingual gyrus rgb(225,140,140) RID20359 RID26554
int1014 1014 left straight gyrus rgb(200,35,75) RID20278 RID13906
int1015 1015 left middle temporal gyrus rgb(160,100,50) RID20312 RID13891
int1016 1016 left parahippocampal gyrus rgb(252,252,252) RID20306 RID13956
int1017 1017 left paracentral lobule rgb(20,220,60) RID27593 RID14112
int1018 1018 opercular part of left inferior frontal gyrus rgb(60,220,60) RID22705 RID13978
int1019 1019 orbital part of left inferior frontal gyrus rgb(220,180,140) RID22708 RID13981
int1020 1020 triangular part of left inferior frontal gyrus rgb(220,60,20) RID22702 RID13975
int1021 1021 left visual cortex rgb(120,100,60) RID25841 RID25841
int1022 1022 left postcentral gyrus rgb(220,20,20) RID20334 RID13928
int1023 1023 left posterior cingulate gyrus rgb(220,180,220) RID20378 RID14049
int1024 1024 left precentral gyrus rgb(60,20,220) RID20275 RID13912
int1025 1025 left precuneus rgb(160,140,180) RID20346 RID13963
int1026 1026 rostral part of left anterior cingulate gyrus rgb(80,20,140) RID26838 RID26838 CCAX-RID26838-S look at structure id
int1027 1027 anterior part of left middle frontal gyrus rgb(75,50,125) RID26832 RID14069
int1028 1028 left superior frontal gyrus rgb(20,220,160) RID20269 RID13903
int1029 1029 left superior parietal lobule rgb(20,180,140) RID20343 RID14110 may include precuneus in labeling
int1030 1030 left superior temporal gyrus rgb(140,220,220) RID20309 RID13889
int1031 1031 left supramarginal gyrus rgb(80,160,20) RID20337 RID13930 May include angular gyrus
int1032 1032 left frontal pole rgb(100,0,100) RID26767 RID20409
int1033 1033 left temporal pole rgb(70,70,70) RID26770 RID20416
int1034 1034 left transverse temporal gyrus rgb(150,150,200) RID20330 RID26543
int2000 2000 unsegmented region of right insula rgb(80,196,98) RID13870 RID13870 CCAX-RID13870-U
int2001 2001 right superior temporal gyrus (banks of right superior temporal sulcus) rgb(25,100,40) RID20308 RID13888
int2002 2002 caudal part of right anterior cingulate gyrus rgb(125,100,160) RID26840 RID26840 CCAX-RID26840-S
int2003 2003 posterior part of right middle frontal gyrus rgb(100,25,0) RID26834 RID14074
int2005 2005 right cuneus rgb(220,20,100) RID20355 RID26551
int2006 2006 right ambiens gyrus rgb(220,20,100) RID26594 RID26594
int2007 2007 right fusiform gyrus rgb(180,220,140) RID20317 RID26540
int2008 2008 unsegmented region of right inferior parietal lobule rgb(220,60,220) RID15673 RID14107 CCAX-RID14107-U
int2009 2009 right inferior temporal gyrus rgb(180,40,120) RID20314 RID13892
int2010 2010 isthmus of right cingulate gyrus rgb(140,20,140) RID20383 RID14042
int2011 2011 right lateral occipital gyrus rgb(20,30,140) RID20352 RID13937
int2012 2012 right lateral orbital gyrus rgb(35,75,50) RID20292 RID13923
int2013 2013 right lingual gyrus rgb(225,140,140) RID20358 RID26553
int2014 2014 right straight gyrus rgb(200,35,75) RID20277 RID13905
int2015 2015 right middle temporal gyrus rgb(160,100,50) RID20311 RID13890
int2016 2016 right parahippocampal gyrus rgb(20,220,60) RID20305 RID13955
int2017 2017 right paracentral lobule rgb(60,220,60) RID27592 RID14111
int2018 2018 opercular part of right inferior frontal gyrus rgb(220,180,140) RID22704 RID13977
int2019 2019 orbital part of right inferior frontal gyrus rgb(20,100,50) RID22707 RID13980
int2020 2020 triangular part of right inferior frontal gyrus rgb(220,60,20) RID22701 RID13974
int2021 2021 right visual cortex rgb(120,100,60) RID25840 RID25840
int2022 2022 right postcentral gyrus rgb(220,20,20) RID20333 RID13927
int2023 2023 right posterior cingulate gyrus rgb(220,180,220) RID20377 RID14048
int2024 2024 right precentral gyrus rgb(60,20,220) RID20274 RID13911
int2025 2025 right precuneus rgb(160,140,180) RID20345 RID13962
int2026 2026 rostral part of right anterior cingulate gyrus rgb(80,20,140) RID26837 RID26837 CCAX-RID26837-S look at structure id
int2027 2027 anterior part of right middle frontal gyrus rgb(75,50,125) RID26831 RID14068
int2028 2028 right superior frontal gyrus rgb(20,220,160) RID20268 RID13902
int2029 2029 right superior parietal lobule rgb(20,180,140) RID20342 RID14109 may include precuneus
int2030 2030 right superior temporal gyrus rgb(140,220,220) RID20308 RID13888
int2031 2031 right supramarginal gyrus rgb(80,160,20) RID20336 RID13929 may include angular gyrus
int2032 2032 right frontal pole rgb(100,0,100) RID26766 RID20408
int2033 2033 right temporal pole rgb(70,70,70) RID26769 RID20415
int2034 2034 right transverse temporal gyrus rgb(150,150,200) RID20329 RID26542
int2108 2108 right angular and supramarginal gyri (obsolete label) rgb(230,250,230) RID22701 RID13974
int3000 3000 right claustrum rgb(230,250,230) RID15701 RID15701
int3001 3001 left claustrum rgb(230,155,215) RID15700 RID15700
int3002 3002 right mammillary body rgb(130,155,95) RID26776 RID26776
int3003 3003 left mammillary body rgb(155,230,255) RID26777 RID26777
int3004 3004 corpus callosum rgb(250,240,20) RID6915 RID6915
int3005 3005 right fornix of forebrain rgb(35,235,155) RID18106 RID18106
int3007 3007 left fornix of forebrain rgb(75,35,115) RID18107 RID18107
int3008 3008 infundibulum of neurohypophysis rgb(35,195,35) RID15529 RID15529
int3011 3011 adenohypophysis rgb(235,225,115) RID15522 RID15522
int3012 3012 unsegmented region of neurohypophysis rgb(220,180,205) RID6645 RID6645 CCAX-RID6645-U

Thalamic Nuclei Expansion

integer_label text_label color notes radlex_id radlex_structure_id
500 right internal medullary lamina rgb(200,200,200) RID18025 RID18025
501 left internal medullary lamina rgb(200,200,200) RID18026 RID18026
502 right medial geniculate body rgb(125,250,21) RID20560 RID20560
503 left medial geniculate body rgb(125,250, 21) RID20561 RID20561
504 right lateral geniculate body rgb(102,178,255) RID20562 RID20562
505 left lateral geniculate body rgb(102,178,255) RID20563 RID20563
506 right pulvinar rgb(63,104,224) RID20564 RID20564
507 left pulvinar rgb(63,104,224) RID20565 RID20565
508 right anterior thalamic nucleus rgb(255,25,127) in the old SPL-BrainAtlas-Colorfile.txt L and R are mislabeled (switched) RID20544 RID20544
509 left anterior thalamic nucleus rgb(255,25,127) in the old SPL-BrainAtlas-Colorfile.txt L and R are mislabeled (switched) RID20545 RID20545
510 right dorsomedial thalamic nucleus rgb(60,189,130) RID20535 RID20535
511 left dorsomedial thalamic nucleus rgb(60,189,130) RID20536 RID20536
512 right centromedian thalamic nucleus rgb(188,181,105) RID20568 RID20568
513 left centromedian thalamic nucleus rgb(188,181,105) RID20569 RID20569
514 right ventral anterior thalamic nucleus rgb(254,213,0) RID20929 RID20929
515 left ventral anterior thalamic nucleus rgb(254,213,0) RID20930 RID20930
516 right ventral lateral thalamic nucleus rgb(60,180,180) RID20931 RID20931
517 left ventral lateral thalamic nucleus rgb(60,180,180) RID20932 RID20932
518 right lateral posterior thalamic nucleus rgb(204,127,0) RID20927 RID20927
519 left lateral posterior thalamic nucleus rgb(204,127,0) RID20928 RID20928
520 right lateral dorsal thalamic nucleus rgb(175,194,221) RID20925 RID20925
521 left lateral dorsal thalamic nucleus rgb(175,194,221) RID20926 RID20926
522 right ventral posteromedial thalamic nucleus rgb(225,167,104) RID20506 RID20506
523 left ventral posteromedial thalamic nucleus rgb(225,167,104) RID20507 RID20507
524 right ventral posterolateral thalamic nucleus rgb(229,127,127) RID20504 RID20504
525 left ventral posterolateral thalamic nucleus rgb(229,127,127) RID20505 RID20505

Extra Freesurfer labels

See Slicer3:Freesurfer_labels.