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Slicer 3.2

  • Preparations are underway for a major new release of Slicer 3, called Slicer 3.2. The release is scheduled for Thursday, May 29, 2008. Release candidates can be found on the Slicer download pages under nightly builds (see here).
  • The new release is based on recently released versions of vtk, itk, and cmake.
  • The entire build infrastructure of Slicer was modified to enable the use of new features in those packages.
  • Major features have been added in comparison to the 3.0 release from January 2008.
    • Be warned, some of the features are in early stages of development
  • For a more detailed view of the Slicer 3 projects see here

New features

  • Affine and b-Spline registration
  • Loadable Modules
  • EM segementer
  • Implicit Slice Widget (part of the VTK widget family).